If you hadn't guessed it already, I'm a big fan of Turles.  Naturally, the majority of fics in this section are going to be about him or other related characters--Oritsu, his corps, etc.  I need and greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me about my fanfiction.  You can reach me at oritsusp@hotmail.com


Disclaimer:  I do not own Dragonball Z or any of its characters.  They are the creations of Akira Toriyama and are owned by him and a whole bunch of other people, not me.  I'm not making any profit off of the stories that appear on this site.

Prelude--Oritsu -- As the title puts it, this is the prelude to Power Struggle.  It happens about a few months before Power Struggle starts.  A young space pirate is struggling with a very difficult decision: should she forfeit her life and pride to claim her true identity?  Amond (see information for character summaries), a member of the Turles Corps and character in "The Tree of Might", makes an appearance. 

Power Struggle --*Chapter 1, Part 2 Uploaded* The meat and potatoes of this site.  One of the few Turles fics out there.  A Saiyan is born on Vegetasei.  Branded weak and doomed to die, he is without a friend in the world.  One man has the guts to go against the odds and save this rambunctious baby. Enjoy!

Coffee with Oritsu and Bardock --  *Link Fixed!* A humorous little roleplay from the DB Genesis RPG I joined this spring.  A little background info: when I first joined this rpg, I was playing Turles, however, as you'll be able to see as you read this, I wasn't playing him quite as "straight" as some people wanted me to, so I then became Oritsu, which worked far better.  The title explains it all.  Credits for the rp's of Bardock and Mecha Frieza go to Mark (Bardock) and whoever was rp'ing Mecha Frieza (sorry, but if you email me with your name, I can give you full credit here).   

Guest Works
I am very pleased to host this first guest fanfiction!  Enjoy the hilarity that ensues when Frieza, the Ginyu Force, Vegeta, and others are turned into little babies when a science experiment goes drastically wrong!   Ewwww, I would not want to clean those diapers!  ;P   Remember to read and review!

Baby Trouble
By Queen Breeza

Part 1     Part 2      Part 3     Part 4

Thirsting for more fanfiction?  A fan of Trigun, perhaps?  Well you're in luck then, because so are Megan, myself, and our friends Malina and Melissa.   The four of us are currently working on a large Trigun continuation fic.  At the moment, we have a little under 100 pages written, with much more to come in the future!  The tentative title is Trigun: Doushikai, and you can check it out here

P.S. -- The Doushikai website is being run by Megan, so bitch at her at queen_of_the_cute@hotmail.com for updates! ;P Sorry, Megan!

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